We substantiate and facilitate the choice of the optimal location for a retail outlet, office, advertising space, ATM and more. We estimate the potential of the city and the coverage of the city with a retail network
You will find the best places to open retail outlets
About Geo-M
Geo-M is a software for finding and evaluating locations for retail outlets.
It is used to develop, plan, improve the efficiency of retail chains and reduce their costs.

It is also used to research city economics and consumer behaviour.

The information is taken from a variety of sources, on the city's infrastructure, population density and income, transport and the city's economy.

We help retailers and manufacturers determine how many outlets they need in cities and where they can best locate them.
What Tasks Do We Solve
Retail network development
City potential assessment
Customer base analysis
Marketing research
Assessment of points
Finding a place for a store
you will reduce your risks
You will be able to determine the optimum selling space and format of each retail location
You will get a software for constant monitoring of existing outlets (using information on location, competitors, human traffic, etc.)
You will get a software for adequate and independent evaluation of locations. Statistics show that even for international companies, up to 20% of new outlets fail to meet the plan
You will gain a competitive edge
And also determines how many retail outlets need to be opened to cover the city
The tool will enable you to find perfect locations for retail outlets as quickly as possible (property search for retail outlets)
Increase the speed and quality of decision-making on the best location of outlets across the city and country by aligning their zones of influence. While competitors think for days and weeks, you make decisions in hours
you will reduce costs
Reducing employee time spent on analysis and business trips
Reduced costs for external and online advertising
You will reduce your market research costs
Network optimisation. Relocating and merging existing points
You will improve network efficiency by reducing outlets with low potential
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Main Questions
Development strategy
and priorities
What is the country's potential?
What is the city's potential?
What is the reach of our network
compared to our competitors?

Customer orientation

Where are the potential customers
in the right city?
What is their income distribution?
What is the potential for new customers
in this city?

Customer orientation

Where to open?
Where to close?
What format to choose depending on
Quality or quantity
for the chosen format?
Geo-M service Benefits
Unlike bespoke studies, we have up-to-date data and can offer solutions within an hour
Updating and actualization information on infrastructure, population, transport (monthly)
A simple and user-friendly web tool, it requires no installation on the computer. At the same time, the maps are easy to understand maps
Industry solutions
Ready-made solutions for supermarkets, pharmacies, vending, catering, furniture, banks, logistics, small businesses
Planning with a solution based on mathematical forecasting of sales in B2C retail service points (financial services, etc.)
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